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1.) This website doesn\'t collect information about the visitors. Itself, it doesn't place any cookies on the visitors' browser. Only statistical data are collected about the number of page views. Third party cookies are set by free counter provider and maybe by free website provider. Cookies maybe set by button appearence of social pages.

2.) HybridCar2008AS Team handles both messages and emails as private informations. All the information left in messages will not be given to a third party, except HybridCar2008AS Team is authorized to do it by sender.

3.) If somebody send a report on Water4Gas usage/experiments to be published on the website's report page, she/he may make her/his own decision what kind of data may be published by HybridCar2008AS Team. HybridCar2008AS Team takes no responsibility on a third party usage of the information, which are published on the 'open Internet', the responsibility rests with sender. This refers to sender's email address, which appears according to sender's wish: HybridCar2008AS Team will not be responsible for the third party usage of this. (spams etc.)

4.) HybridCar2008AS Team handles personal data according to their purposes and according to the Hungarian Law. If the purpose of data handling is cancelled or comes to end, data will be removed from our database.

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