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If you are a Water4Gas user, send us a report about using Water4Gas system! We are pleased to present it on this web page. HybridCar2008AS Team.
Building and using Water4Gas system.
2007. december 17. csütörtök 12:33:44
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Water4Gas 39
There are a lot of people who asked if there is any old style Water4Gas unit on the market. I think they want to buy it for Christmas as a present. It is necessary to emphasize that this device cannot be used in the winter period in Europe because it is cold and the water may freeze in the jar. But YES! You can buy a very simple unit for 149 USD. This is really an original development, an oldtimer Water4Gas device.

Water4Gas 38
Dear Friends, It was long time ago that the latest report had appeared on these web pages. New reports were not intended originally. We have just wanted to keep those information on the Internet, which information can be used for other people to learn something. If we had not gotten more and more messages in this year then we would have forgotten this website. It is true that most of these messages announced some mistake of the website but the number of these messages indicated more interest. We are going to lift this website into operation again.

Water4Gas 36
PWM as an abbreviation means Pulse Width Modulator. For Water4Gas users it sounds like a magic word, some people think that it is a fantastic device to improve HHO production in HHO generators. Let us see what Ozzie Freedom writes about it.

Water4Gas 35
Comparing old Water4Gas books to new ones, we found some additional information about electrolytes, which can be used in HHO generators. PDF file contains a table of possible electrolyte types. Details link contains some remarks from us.

Water4Gas 34
As we have promised on our news page, we are going to write about new chapters of new Water4Gas books. If you are a Water4Gas experimenter you have seen that your positive electrodes had gone down by some time. This is caused by Oxygen. Corrosion eats stainless steel also. Now, this report contains some suggestion from Ozzie Freedom. Which materials can be used as positive electrode? Please find details!

Water4Gas 33
Peter sent us some interesting photoes about his own solution. Since it may give you some ideas how to construct a Water4Gas device, we present it here. If you have time you may construct a similar device during holidays. Happy XMAS for all Water4Gas fans!

Water4Gas 32
Dear Friends,

Since this page is more visited, we should like to rise your attention, that Ozzie Freedom began a new action. Water4Gas books will be available for free within a short time. Please refer to our news page to read more detail about it.

Sincerely, HybridCar2008AS Team

Water4Gas 31
We have gotten a detailed report about a new device, which has been constructed in Hungary. HTG Professional Dual Dry Cell 2009 is a professional product, so we think that you may interested in it. Please view details!

Water4Gas 30
A friend of us brought one HHO generator, which is called Taltos. It is a Hungarian construction. Unfortunatelly we have no significant experiences on using this device, we had no time to test it. We have just tested its power supply unit with our new HybridCell2008AS-09-1 base cell. So, it is not a full report, but its partial results are interesting. Please view details!

Water4Gas 29
This report introduces a dry-cell HHO generator. It was imported from the United States. This complete installation set is for sale in the time of writing this report. These devices have not been installed in car, so we have only test experiences on it.

Water4Gas 28
We have gotten a very kind request from Bekes County. Gabor and his friends have constructed a cell, which is called G-TECH CELL. They asked us to display their report. They work in a group, their alias names are Fgab, Vladimir, Ros-co, Kingkiller and ampervadasz. Thanks for this report!

Water4Gas 27
We were silent for a long while but we have been working on a new cell, which uses basic theorem of Water4Gas but has a very different geometrical structure inside. This base cell is called HybridCell2008AS-09-1 or its abbreviation is HyCell-09-1. This cell has been installed in a diesel Mercedes on the last week. Please click on details link to read more.

Water4Gas 26
Please forgive us! This Water4Gas report contain some mathematics and physics. We could not avoid these very simple formulas in this report. We hope that you will be able to understand this simplified therorem about Water4Gas. To see details, click on PDF link please.

Water4Gas 25
This is the second report about our Water4Gas experiences. This report tells something about the double cell Water4Gas installation. We dealt with single cell solution in our previous report, which was not a convincing material. This one is a little-bit better news about Water4Gas usage. Click for details link to read more!

Water4Gas 24
Happy New Year! It is winter now. We have gotten back some uninstalled Water4Gas HHO devices from the users. We should like to sum up our experiences about these devices for you. This is the first part of our experiences, please click on detail link to view more information.

Water4Gas 23
Water4Gas HHO and H2O units will be sleeping in winter period, but PCV Jar can be used any time because it is independent of temperature. Zoltan sent us a short report about his experiences in connection with PCV Jar. Click on details link to read more!

Water4Gas 22
We presented a PCV Jar installation in our previous report. We have gotten a report from its user about the experiences and about a modification. This report proves that this jar maybe useful to filter water from oil ventilation system.

Water4Gas 21
Water4Gas User Manual describes PCV Jar as a very useful filter. This device is very simple. This report shows a specific way of its construction. Click for details to see more.

Water4Gas 20
We think that we have to show what kind of problems may occur when you construct your Water4Gas solution. This report deals with one of these problems.

Water4Gas 19
Family of Zoltan has Opel Astras therefore Zoltan could develop a standard for Water4Gas installation in these cars. We think that these pictures may be useful for the owners of this type of cars.

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