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If you are a Water4Gas user, send us a report about using Water4Gas system! We are pleased to present it on this web page. HybridCar2008AS Team.
Building and using Water4Gas system.
2007. december 17. csütörtök 12:33:44
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Water4Gas 18
We have installed Water4Gas HHO devices in a Toyota Land Cruiser. This car has a diesel engine therefore we hope that our devices will be efficient in it. It seems to be very easy to install Water4Gas devices in this car because it is very big and probably there is much room in the engine compartment… Click on details link to get more information!

Water4Gas 17
Some people asked about EFIE. What is EFIE? This is an abbreviation; it means Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer. EFIE name is frequently used; there are different devices, which can be purchased as EFIE. There is an open document on the Internet, its name is D17.PDF. This document contains a full description of an Oxygen Sensor enhancer device. According to this document you can build your own device. Zoltan built his one using this document. For easier access you can read D17.PDF from here too. Detail link gives you a short explanation.

Water4Gas 16
It seems that Zoli also think about maintenance. We got his report immediately after our one has been uploaded to our website. He has driven his car over 9000 km using Water4Gas HHO device.

Water4Gas 15
Why is it here? It has no Water4Gas device on its board. It has an absolutely different system. Why does HybridCar2008AS Team deal with it? You may ask these questions. You may say that you are interested in Water4Gas solutions only. In this case, please skip this report. We just want to give an impression about a hybrid solution because it is not an everyday car in this time; maybe several people have not seen any similar solution.

Water4Gas 14
Some experimenters had complained that they had built their devices but these devices became dirty within some time period. This time period depends on several circumstances; basically it depends on the quality of the water and the applied electric current. Now HybridCar2008AS Team intends to prove that a maintenance takes only a short while.

Water4Gas 13
Laszlo is a good friend of us; he has a Seat Toledo 2.0 TDi car. He offered us to test this car on his own, the only problem of us was to install Water4Gas HHO device into his car. According to our good experiences in connection with diesel car we were glad to accept this offer from him. We thought that it would be a great possibility for us because our friend usually goes for longer trips and the results would be considerable for us. Unfortunately this test could not yield significant results for us because our device went down in the middle of a trip to Poland. Click on details link to read more…

Water4Gas 12
Members of HybridCar2008AS Team were excited when they learned about charged water system. It is described in Water4Gas User Manual as a unique solution to spare fuel and it seems to be a very specific and simple way to increase mileage. Water4Gas User Manual tells about this solution in a very detailed way. Charged water can be used in cars, but a special version can be drunk and this version is described as very healthy water. Now, we are going to tell you some words about an installation in a car.

Water4Gas 11
The HybridCar2008AS Team have gotten very good news about Diesel applications of Water4Gas devices from different Hungarian users. Some of these users have notified us about significant mileage increase and much better performance after the installation. This is why our interest turned toward diesel engines and we decided to install Water4Gas in diesel cars. Son of our mechanic team member - György Boda (Gyuri) - has Ford Escort with diesel engine, so it seemed to be a good test vehicle for us, therefore we have chosen it as one of our experimental car. To read more please click on details link!

Water4Gas 10
An experimenter sent us some pictures about his trial system. This Hydrogen on demand system is not based on the Water4Gas User Manual, the experimenter designed it on his own. We got phone calls also from him, he reported what had happened to his car after installing this device. We do not want our visitors to follow this way - since it is not a Water4Gas solution - but we should like to give them a short overview about it because the basic working method of this device equals to Water4Gas solution. Click on details link to find more...

Water4Gas 9
Zoltan - our best friend - took a trip to Italy in June. His car was equipped with Water4Gas HHO device, this device consits of two cells and in addition to it he used an EFIE unit to control the ECU of his car. He was so kind, that he gave us a sumup about his experiences about using Water4Gas HHO on board. This report can be read if you click on the PDF file link below. This PDF proves that Water4Gas HHO device (Electrolyzer) spares fuel and this fact can be read according to its numeric values. Thanks for the report!

Water4Gas 8
Ozzie Freedom - the author of the Water4Gas books - says that only distilled water must be used in Water4Gas HHO device, because the tap water contains dirt, soil and other filths. Of course we wanted to know if tap water can be used in Water4Gas HHO device or not. We decided to sacrifice our first device for this experiment - happens what happens - we were very curious what kind of contaminations would appear in the water. It must be emphasized that we live in Budapest in Hungary and the Hungarian Government is very proud of the clean drink water in our country...

Water4Gas 7
There is a PDF file here, which is an interesting part of the original User-manual book. No, it is not a technical part, you will not gather technical information after reading this section. Despite of this fact we suggest you to read this PDF, because it may give you an impulse, a vigour to do your best, to make a decision, to construct your own Water4Gas device! This section of the book is almost a description of political background of waterfuel technology. Consider those facts! And... Say together with the author (and with us): LET US HAVE FUN!

Water4Gas 6
That is true! Water4Gas technology is advertised as a technology, which helps to clean your engine. Is it a foolish advertisement? No, it is not. Water4Gas really helps your engine to be cleaned. These photos has been sent as an evident of this fact. These spark plugs has been used for 30 000 km in an Opel. You may see that the spark plugs are clean, there are no contaminations either outside and inside. Imagine, the other structures inside cylinders may also be cleaned by Water4Gas device!

Water4Gas 5
We\'ve gotten the first report about a Water4Gas multicell (2 cells) solution from Hungary. Our friend - Zoli - began his experiments at the end of February, he decided to produce more HHO for his engine. His first experiments show that the electric fuel injection system compensates the gas saving effects of Water4Gas device but he have not given up the experiments. His EFIE is under construction and we hope he will be successful!

Water4Gas 4
The HybridCar2008AS Team uses a LADA as a victim of Water4Gas experiments. This car is not new and not an expensive one therefore we can do anything with it. My mechanic friend had fabricated a Water4Gas HHO device before I translated its users manual. We installed this device into the LADA and made some experiments and measurements. Please find details in the attached PDF material.

Water4Gas 3
Our friend Zoltan installed a Water4Gas HHO device into his Opel. He was the first who contacted us after finding our website, he was searching for Hungarian experimenters. He began to construct his device a week later then he had purchased the book. His most difficult problem was that he could not find an appropriate plastic lid to cover the jar. See details please, because his device became very good.

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